Better Built

Can a boat be tough but agile? Strong but light on its feet? It can if it’s an Alumacraft. Full-length double plating means twice the strength and protection all the way to the transom—without compromising on agility. Compare our twin-plated 2XB hull models against competing boats that have, at best, only twin-plating in the bow.

Better Ride

Smooth, quiet, responsive. That’s what you want in a boat, and that’s exactly what Alumacraft delivers. Alumacraft’s exclusive hull design gives you a superior ride with our double-plating and solid-bottom construction that dramatically reduces sound and vibration from below. Plus, our 2XB hull models produce minimal flexing that can adversely affect handling.

Better Value

What do you get when you combine a better build with a better ride? Better value. Compare standard features, hull thickness and construction and you’ll find that Alumacraft gives you a better value. And we’re the only major fishing boat manufacturer that offers all five major motor brands.