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Alumacraft continues to lead the industry in solidly, well-crafted aluminum fishing boats. Our 2XB hulls, larger, one-piece, hardened heavy-duty keels and our oversized spray rails give you a drier, smoother ride giving you peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision on your new aluminum fishing boat.

Full-length double plating means twice the strength and protection all the way to the transom—without compromising agility. Compare our twin-plated 2XB Hull models against competing boats with twin-plating in the bow only.

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The history of Alumacraft boats began back in 1893 when a blacksmith by the name of Eugene Tetzlaff starts a company that makes ornamental items out of iron. It would not be until after World WarII before the manufacture of Alumacraft Boats began with the first aluminum rowboat. It was the surplus of aluminum left over from the war effort that enabled the company to switch over to building boats in 1946.